This is Alan's story

Alan, a retired chartered surveyor from Poole, has been a member of Meyrick Park for five years. The 72-year-old golfer has been working out in the gym to improve his strength after having two knees replaced this year and has so impressed staff with his dedication and progress, that he was awarded Member of the Month.

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Sport is my passion

"I love music and going to concerts, but my real passion is sport. I love all sport. I’m a season ticket holder at Southampton and at AFC Bournemouth. Sky Sport is my bible. I played cricket, football and squash until the age of 60 and didn’t give up five-a-side until I was 63. I took up golf in my sixties when I couldn’t play my other sports anymore. My wife also plays and we even spend our holidays golfing. I love it."

"I generally play golf twice a week at the club during the summer. All of the other club facilities are fantastic for the winter months."

A lifetime of sport damaged by knees

“I had my first knee replaced in January and used the gym to aid my recovery until lockdown hit. My second surgery was planned for April, but was deferred due to Covid, which made for a painful lockdown. I struggled to walk 300 yards, but cycling wasn’t too bad so I managed to cycle outside most days during lockdown.”

The gym is the ideal place for my rehab

“I had my left knee replaced in August and returned to the gym a few weeks later. My physio gave me some exercises to do, but it is so hard to motivate yourself at home. I prefer to do them in the gym because it gets me in the right frame of mind to exercise. Following suggestions from the gym staff, I have gradually progressed to the bike and cross trainer. The staff at Meyrick Park are very competent and I feel comfortable asking them for advice. ”

As a golf member, Alan also has complimentary access to Meyrick Park's health facilities.

My wife was worried about me returning to the club

"My wife was apprehensive about me going back to the club after lockdown, but I feel very comfortable using the facilities. Everyone is social distancing, using hand sanitiser and cleaning the equipment before and after use. There’s plenty of space between the kit and it’s not busy at all. The communication from the club has been first class and I was impressed that they credited the membership fee to make up for the club being closed during lockdown."

My consultant is amazed at my progress

“I was on crutches when I returned to the club after surgery in August, but after working out four times a week I’ve progressed to the stage that my consultant expected me to be in a year’s time, in just two months. My recovery means that I’ve been able to start playing golf again, although only with a buggy. I told my surgeon that my goal was to be able to walk the golf course without needing painkillers and I think I’m only a few weeks away from reaching that goal, which is great.”

We can't wait to see you walking on the course soon Alan, keep up the great progress.

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