This is Jon's story

When Jon received a Nizels golf and gym membership as a retirement present from his work colleagues, he was clinically obese and his blood pressure was at an all-time high.

Not something you’d necessarily expect for someone who has run the London Marathon twice (raising £10,000 for charity) and played a variety of sports throughout his life.

Swimming Pool at The Club Company

Jon knew that change was needed.

“Between a wonderful home life and an increasingly demanding work environment, the opportunity for exercise was becoming more limited and inevitably the pounds went on,” says the 56-year-old father of two university students.

The club membership proved to be just the fix Jon needed. After retiring from his 36-year career in fund management and getting the green light from his GP to exercise, Jon embarked on his new fitness regime.

“With the help of the gym staff who drew up progressively more active programmes and the various class instructors, I gradually lost weight - two stone and counting - addressed my blood pressure issues (now 123:78) and improved my general health enormously.”

“Nizels introduced me to spin, TRX, kettlebell and Body Pump classes, none of which I had tried before, and whilst I credit spin primarily with the weight loss, the other activities have given me a much more balanced exercise regime.”

Typically using the club six days out of seven, Jon’s workouts include spin classes and gym sessions in addition to a Body Pump class each week.

“Kieron and his team in the gym are always happy to help, encourage and share their wealth of knowledge with you so that you can meet your personal goals - many thanks to Clare and Trevor especially.”

Our dedicated wellness team are fully trained in how to help members achieve their goals.

“The talented class instructors provide varied, interesting and expert sessions which help make the most daunting of exercises a lot of fun and I always find myself smiling at the end, albeit drenched in sweat! The committed – sometimes almost psychotic approach – of the spin instructors in particular makes sure we always get challenging but very satisfying classes.

“And without the constant support, help and encouragement of Becky and Nicky, I suspect I would be nowhere near the level of fitness I am currently.”

Jon kept in shape during the first lockdown with running and weight training, which benefited him both physically and mentally.

“It soon became apparent that mental health was going to become an issue over lockdown, and physical exercise - even the gentler forms like walking - were a great help. But I missed what had become an enjoyable routine and, like a lot of people I suspect, I’m not great at making myself do any exercise with great intensity. I need a class and an instructor.”

With online classes, members are able to keep up fitness, during times of lockdown or being away from home.

Jon missed the club’s friendly faces and was keen to get back to the classes as soon as possible.

“Nizels is an easy environment to meet new people, from a quick chat in the gym to a more relaxing chin wag in the wet spa area to enjoying a coffee (or something stronger) in one of the comfy bars, there is always a friendly face to pass the time with. And you always get a bright welcome from Chelsea on reception.”

Jon quickly adapted to the new safety measures put in place as a result of Covid.

“At no point did I feel vulnerable, and all precautions and requirements introduced by the club were very sensible. I actually felt very confident and am more than happy to follow the guidelines. It just means getting used to a new normal and is a small price to pay to be able to go to the gym - even the masks!”

And the upside of all this exercise?

“An ability to manage stress better (being retired also helps), increased energy to try my hand at all the activities and hobbies I’d planned for my retirement and being able to undertake bigger construction and maintenance projects on the house and garden. To be able to travel, eventually, and to enjoy the holidays and time with family and friends to the fullest extent.”

“Having spent most of my working life sitting in front of computer screens, I wanted to do lots of completely different things. Being a member of Nizels has directly helped my ability to achieve this and, hopefully, will continue to do so. Who doesn't feel better for having done some exercise?”

You’re smashing it, Jon. Keep it up.

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