The Club Company’s online workouts keep members tuned into health & fitness goals

Monday 19th April 2021

Throughout intermittent lockdowns and restrictions, one thing has remained a constant.

The Club Company’s online workouts timetable, featuring over 150 classes, has proved so popular with members that it’s now continuing alongside the return of live classes.

The live and on-demand online classes, which cover popular fitness and wellness routines such as HIIT, meditation, strength & conditioning, pilates and body pump, were a lifeline during an extraordinarily difficult period.

As well as boosting members’ physical fitness, many members reported a positive impact on their mental health and energy levels.

Physical exercise has long been linked to benefits such as lower blood pressure, reduced anxiety and improved sleep quality. To be able to continue a routine while being cooped up at home provided structure and motivation, while relieving anxiety.

Rachel, a member of The Warwickshire saw huge value from the classes:

As someone who exercises regularly, I was devastated when the clubs had to close their doors.

In the first lockdown I was in the process of recovering from a double heart valve replacement. Although I had attended rehab, the advice was to continue exercising in order to build up fitness. Initially I was reluctant to go back to the classes I had enjoyed before the op, in case it was too much for my heart.

However, over the course of lockdown I was able to book on and attend the classes and work at my own pace without fear of not being able to keep up. I’m pleased to say that, thanks to the classes, I am back to full fitness and able to enjoy a wide range of classes. So thank you for a varied and exciting programme which has helped many club members get through the last year!”

The schedule continues for health members seeking a flexible mix of live and online classes to achieve their goals.

About The Club Company

Majority-owned by Epiris LLP, The Club Company operates 15 country clubs, the majority of which are located in central and southern England. The clubs offer a range of facilities to their members, including championship standard golf courses, premium health and fitness facilities, swimming pools, tennis courts, bars, restaurants and accommodation.

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