New menu focuses on quality ingredients and greater choice

Wednesday 13th April 2022

The Club Company launches a new menu at clubs across the UK today, offering around 10 completely new dishes as well as tweaks to existing options. The menu has been designed with a strong focus on fresh, quality ingredients and increased variety. We caught up with Group Food & Beverage Manager Dave Daniels-Ekarte to find out more about the new menu and what members can expect when coming to eat at the club.

What prompted the decision to make changes to the existing menu?

"We received quite a bit of feedback regarding some of the healthy elements of the menu that were missing, so we’ve looked to bring some of those in with the new menu. It also felt like a great opportunity to do a bit of a refresh going into the summer months."

Were there any aims you had in mind when adding dishes to the existing menu?

"Really it came down to looking at that healthy element - so focusing more on grilled dishes, less fried, more salads, and just a wider range of dishes for members and guests to choose from."

What dishes are you most excited for members to try?

"We have an amazing pumpkin and sage ravioli which is beautiful; a really nice pasta dish that I’m sure will go down well. We’ve also got – and this will be amazing for the golfers – a half piri piri chicken served with slaw, which I expect to fly out! And then we have a fantastic new salad offering where you can choose a mix of leaves or grains and combine with various toppings to build your own salad, so there’s huge amounts of versatility there."

Did you have any criteria in mind when choosing the new dishes?

"We were keen to focus on the quality of the product. Changing our main supplier allowed us to look at some of the dishes and ingredients we were purchasing and meant we could improve things like the quality of our sausages, bacon and burgers alongside things like bread. So it was really just about uplifting the quality of the products we had, as well as getting a wider scope of dishes on the menu."

Have there been any updates made to the children’s menu?

"Yes, the kids’ menu has been tweaked slightly, and during the summer we’re going to work on that in a little bit more detail as well."

What was the process of deciding on and adding the new dishes?

"We worked with Head Chefs and General Managers, F&B Managers and Events Managers across all our clubs. There was probably about 10 of us looking at the menus which we have currently, the menus we’d had historically, and listening to the wants and needs of our members and guests through platforms such as FeedItBack. And that’s allowed us to create the existing menu in terms of tweaking some of the current items, but also bringing in quite a lot of new, fresh dishes as well.

The other great thing about our new supplier is that they support three fantastic charities – Prince’s Trust, Springboard and Hospitality Action, so through our purchasing power we’re going to be able to support those three charities massively."

The new menu is available in clubs now for members and visitors to try – what will become your new favourite?

About The Club Company

Majority-owned by Epiris LLP, The Club Company operates 15 country clubs, the majority of which are located in central and southern England. The clubs offer a range of facilities to their members, including championship standard golf courses, premium health and fitness facilities, swimming pools, tennis courts, bars, restaurants and accommodation.