Professional Golfer Cara Gainer

The Club Company are pleased to be partnered with professional golfer Cara Gainer, as she continues her meteoric rise in the world of women’s golf.

The partnership perfectly represents The Club Company’s commitment to championing its members and the local community, ensuring everyone has a chance to achieve their own version of ‘greatness.’

  • Cara’s Career

    After finishing 16th on the 2023 year end rankings and reaching a career high of 145 in the Rolex World rankings, Cara is poised to make waves in the golfing world. With plans to secure her card on the LPGA next year and participate in all major championships, Cara is set to captivate and inspire audiences, and to inspire considerable airtime.

    Despite a rapid ascent, Cara remains deeply connected to her roots, having been a member of The Club Company’s Castle Royle Club since the age of 14. Her commitment to the club is evident in every interview and television appearance, including her recent mini-documentary “From Scratch,” which was featured during the build-up to the Open Championship.

  • The Club Company CEO

    Richard Calvert, CEO of The Club Company, said:

    “The Club Company is honoured to be associated with a player who not only excels on the green but also remains a passionate advocate for her home club, which resonates deeply with The Club Company’s commitment to fostering an inclusive, empowering environment for all.”

    “In a time where women’s professional golf is experiencing a deserved surge in popularity, we are delighted to contribute to this momentum and with such a remarkable and dedicated athlete. It’s more than just about golf; it’s about inspiring young women to break barriers and forge their paths in the world of sport. We believe her story will inspire young members of our clubs to embrace the sport and aim for greatness.”

The Club Company Partnership with Cara Gainer

Stay tuned as Cara Gainer and The Club Company embark on this exciting partnership, exemplifying the shared passion for golf, community, and success.

Cara Gainer